Understanding the Quality Indicators

Care About Childcare (CAC) offers caregivers an opportunity to display indicators of quality they provide the children entrusted to their care. The CAC Quality Indicator program is only available to Licensed Centers that offer full-time care and to qualified licensed programs. In order to be eligible to participate, Centers and Family Providers must be licensed for 6 months or longer and be in good standing with Utah’s Child Care Licensing Program.

The Care About Childcare Quality Indicator program is 100% voluntary. Providers that meet eligibility requirements can choose from over 130 different criteria categorized under 6 different Quality Indicators to display on their individual profile page. All of the Quality Indicator Criteria have been derived from research based standards on quality child care. All of the criteria are above and beyond Utah’s Child Care Licensing Program requirements.

The Quality Indicator Criteria are verified through inventories, documents and pictures submitted by the child care provider to the Utah Registry for Professional Development or to Care About Childcare agencies located Statewide.

There are over 130 different criteria that providers can choose from dependent upon their care type. Providers are not expected to apply for all of the criteria available. Not all criteria are applicable to all programs. There are many right ways to offer quality child care. Providers are encouraged to apply for the CAC quality criteria that are the right fit for their program and the families that they serve.

Thank you for Caring About Childcare!