Upcoming Training

September 20 & 21, 2019. 6th Annual Care About Childcare USU Eastern Conference on Strengthening Early Childhood Programs. The Butterfly Effect: The scientific phenomenon by which small changes create big impact. Topics will include Guided Play, Family Engagement, Achieving Quality and Power to the the Professional.
September 27 & 28, 2019 - Dixie State University, St. George, UT. "Oh the Places You'll Go"
December 6 and 7, 2019 at Utah State University in Logan, Utah. Leading From The Roots: A Leadership Training for Child Care Providers. Presented by Dr Kathleen Allen and Dr Ann Austin. This workshop uses a variety of teaching methods to explain generous leadership and explore how center-based and home-based childcare programs evolve and grow as the provider’s leadership journey develops. Self-efficacy, personal voice, and generosity are at the root of effective leadership. When these three are integrated in leadership practice, the outcome is "generous leadership." Leadership in this training does not necessarily imply leadership at the head of an organization or as an office-holder, and it does not exclude these either. Rather, lessons from nature coupled with discussions of self-efficacy and self-silencing will be used to demonstrate how generous leadership enhances day-to-day practice in the childcare profession including interactions with children, parents, and colleagues. At the conclusion of the training, attendees will be able to define generous leadership as it relates to the management of their childcare program. They will be able to outline and discuss the growth indicators of generous programs relative to themselves, the children in care, parents, and childcare colleagues. During the training, participants will benefit from the generous leadership and wisdom of their colleagues relative to the challenges they face in their day to day work.
March 6 & 7, 2020 - This annual conference engages and inspires participants through excellent training presented by local and national early childhood experts, networking opportunities, and experiences with early childhood exhibitors. This event is for ALL in the early childhood field, and those who wish to be involved with Utah's Early Childhood programs.
Completion of a New Provider class is a requirement to get a new license/certificate. New Center Directors must complete a Center Director Training Class. CCL classes in the licensing rules count toward the required training hours and topics. Due to changes in federal laws, all providers and caregivers are required to have training in new topics. CCL classes cover all those topics.
The Utah Afterschool Network has ongoing training and conferences. Check the website to see what's coming up.
This link is to the National NAC website. For upcoming Utah dates, contact Ashley Davis at UPCCA. By email at upccainfo@gmail.com or by phone at 801-856-0348. You can also go to UPCCA's website for Registration Information. http://www.upcca.info/
Has on-going training for families of children with special needs
State-wide Parenting and Relationship Classes